Saturday, December 31, 2011

well 2011...

so long to you.

i've loved and lost.

and loved and let go.

this year had me learn a lot about myself and who i want to be.

and the type of person who i need to be with.

as much as i don't want to look, i still keep thinking i'll turn the corner and find what is meant to be.

my heart aches for a certain someone that i still am not 100% sure why i met, except for teaching me that this feeling IS possible when i had almost lost all hope.

or because I really needed to know what that feeling would feel like when i had finally found it.

life definitely doesn't turn out how you plan it to.

i keep hearing it is usually better than what we had expected for ourselves. better than what?


life goes on.

people come and go.

and possible come back around again when they realize what you've always known.

but, regardless, they remain in your heart forever.

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