Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Functional Septorhinoplasty Recovery - Day 6

I woke up on Monday and just felt better. Still not sleeping well as the amount of air I can get in through my nose is very minimal. I am also finding I don't need to set my alarm to remind me to take my meds as I pretty much know when the 4-hour mark is and sometimes I can stretch it to 5.

What I feel like - source
At this point it feels like I have a costume nose on, kind of like when you wear fake eyelashes for Halloween and when you get home you just can't wait to take them off. I can't wait to take this nose off :) Well, the cast and splints at least. There are a few instances where they were making me a little insane and I just wanted to rip everything off/out. Betcha that would feel just peachy.

I look more normal at this point and feel as close to normal as I did on the day after surgery. The pain meds, instead of making me feel sleepy, make me feel like I am on crack and I started cleaning up the house, balancing the checkbook and doing all sorts of productive stuff. I also didn't take a single nap! (looking back, it might have been a good idea).

Today was also the day to clean myself up a little. The bath I had attempted looked like it never happened and I think I forgot to brush my teeth the day before. I know, totally gross. I blame the meds again. My sister came over early and helped me wash my hair (yay!) and then I washed the rest of me. A facial mask was in order as my skin was starting to feel like leather and I did a sinus rinse and got all sorts of yummy stuff out of my nose. I was a brand new woman.

Clean hair, clean face = happy girl
(I've tried to smile - it doesn't work yet!)
The family came over for dinner (they brought the meatloaf, I prepared brussell sprouts with bacon and cauliflower with sweet onion) and then we drove to look at some Christmas lights. I was beat by the time bedtime rolled around, but still didn't climb into bed until close to midnight.

I then proceeded to have the worst night of sleep ever. The roof of my mouth was on fire again! I just laid in bed wondering how the heck I was going to sleep and it occurred to me that maybe the roof of my mouth was irritated from getting so dry. That would explain why it was burning after surgery because under general anesthesia you aren't wetting your mouth. It just slightly hangs open and air circulates about and it dries out.

Racking my brain, I laid in bed almost in tears at how tired I was. It then occurred to me I had some Tiger Balm and I thought it would be ok to put in my mouth. It doesn't really taste like much so I coated the roof of my mouth with it and I think I got a couple of hours of sleep.

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