Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saving money eating Paleo

First, I need to start off by saying HOLY SCHNIKEYS! I eat a lot... or at least spend a lot of money on food. I imagine that will be going down the next couple of months, but using the last 4 months grocery and dining out numbers, you would think I was feeding an army! Anyhow, it's not about TOTAL, it's about the difference. Pre-Paleo and Paleo. I went from buying cheap beef and chicken to mostly sticking to grass fed and free range. Overall, I'm buying more meat as well since that and veggies have taken the place of grains and sugar.

So anyhow, don't mind the numbers so much - just the change :) I am not the couponer or willing to go from to 4 different stores on grocery shopping day to get the best deal, so I imagine someone out there could do it for cheaper.

Please note, this is for 60 days!

Groceries = $956
Dining Out = $621

Groceries: $1097
Dining Out: $320

As you can see, the grocery amount didn't budge much - only an average increase of about $70 a month. But you can also tell I don't eat out as much. Vanilla latte trips are slim and none (not for lack of a want, but when I get them now they just aren't the same - it's like I don't LIKE them anymore.. wha?!) and I'd rather cook my own meat and veggies dish at home because I do a much better job than most restaurants. It's like they can't get creative without throwing sugar and noodles in the mix.

Perhaps Paleo will start showing up on menus soon? I can only hope!


  1. I had to cut back on the more expensive meats and am no longer doing 100% paleo because I spent double in groceries over two weeks. I don't eat out that much as it is so didn't really help with that budget :(

  2. I've found that just cooking at home makes a huge difference in our budget. But I'm laughing at how cheap I am. My food budget for a month for the 4 of us is $450 for groceries and $100 for eating out. :)

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