Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, the way you make me feel!

After my first post on Sunday, I had a friend contact me regarding what I am going through. We had talked about our similar struggle before and it was nice to know I am not the only woman in this world going through this. I think maybe someone who had no clue what I looked like or what my life looked like might think (based on reading this blog) that I was extremely overweight, had an unorganized and messy house (or wasn't even motivated enough to own a house?) and just had a life that looked like a total mess. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both of us ladies look pretty put together from the outside, it's just this struggle that lies deep within that we KNOW we need support and encouragement to work through. And, unfortunately, this will probably be a lifetime battle - which I think is the most depressing thing to me.

This friend started talking about how certain foods make her feel, etc. and based on that comment and a quiz I took in a new Jillian's Michael's book the day before, I realized I had NO clue how certain foods made me FEEL. The only thing I did know was that a big, greasy meal at lunchtime made the afternoon drag and make me feel like I wanted to curl up in my bed and sleep the day away. Since gaining that knowledge, I have kept myself away from that sort of food. Ding, ding, ding!! Why hadn't I thought about this before?

So the quest to figure out how certain foods make me feel is about to begin... BUT, I need to start with a detox first. Now, if you are like me, you think detox and and cringe. The last thing I want is to be like a 80-year old incontinent women on Ex-lax for a week (that sentence was for you Heather, how did I do? :). But I did remember a detox published by Dr. Mao a little while ago. It seems legit.. no chemicals. Just some supplements which are all natural, some broth made of all kinds of wonderful vegetables, juiced veggies and fruits, and there is actually some real food (although steel cut oats without sugar is gonna be hard to choke down.. ok, what am I saying, it ALL will be!).

After the detox will be a meal plan similar to the one suggested for me, the fast oxidizer, in Jillian's book I mentioned above. Although, since I despise diets and someone telling me what I need to eat, I will probably tweak it here and there. I mean, no one can make me eat a hard boiled egg! Eww!

However, I think the the biggest element of this whole thing I am subjecting myself to is the support I am going to get from my friend. Like I said, nothing is better than working together with people who have the same issues and believe in the same way to work through them. My goal is to not only look like the picture of me on the right (at my lightest since early highschool!), which was taken in approximately May 2008, but also to just feel better, have more energy and break free from being so flippin' focused on food! 

Oh, and for those following Baylie's quest to health as well.. she now is the proud owner of a laser pointer which is helping her get her exercise in on rainy days :)


  1. 1) I just ate a hard-boiled egg right before I read this. I love them, though--and the lunch I brought smelled like skanky seawater so I'm guessing it was past its expiration date. Anyhoo, I ate the egg and some carrots and an apple. I guess that was a healthier lunch than the burrito bowl.

    2) You're doing great.

    3) I totally feel you on the health stuff. Even if it looks like we're put together on the outside, how you feel is a whole different thing. Oh, and there's a cool article on Body + Soul (I think it's Martha Stewart) about cleanses this month. On the website.

  2. Hi, its me Sarah...just wanted to say again how awesome it is that you are being so transparent...not only letting God shine His light on this area of your life, but also bringing it out into the open for all the world (potentially:) to see. And when the light shines, the darkness flees!!

  3. I say good for you for recommiting! BUT, don't get down on yourself for being human! None of us are perfect in the diet and exercise category. We've gotta live right!?! The important things are...

    1. Remember that you've got a lot of good going on (no one else pays half the attention to our imperfections as we do)
    2. When you screw up (we all do) forgive yourself, and get back to it!

    Good luck!


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