Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Almond Milk

A friend passed on this recipe to me and after looking at the ingredients in the almond milk I currently buy, I thought it might be worth a shot to make my own. It didn't look too hard and depending on the price of almonds, it would be much cheaper than buying it at the store.

It took a little trial and error - especially because the friend had used a Vitamix that holds much more than my little blender. Plus, I had never used cheesecloth before - I found out it probably isn't re-usable like I thought it was..

So here is how I did it:

Soak one cup of almonds in plenty of water for at
 least 6 hours, but I did it for 24.

 Add almonds and up to 6 cups of water to your blender 
(mine only fit 4 and almost over-flowed!

Blend on high speed for a minute or two and you'll get this:

Pour the blender contents through a fine mesh sieve
If you were only able to fit 4 cups of water in your
blender then add the almond "mush" leftovers back
to the blender and add 2 more cups of water. Blend
again and put through sieve again. 

Then you'll have this when you're all done:

It looks good-to-go, but some smaller particles
sneak in there so it's good to use cheesecloth
to catch these before you drink it. 
No one likes chunky milk :) 

Like my use of clips? This is where I realized
I would not be re-using my cheesecloth. 
Next time I'll cut a much smaller piece and 
put it on the opening of the container
I'll store the almond milk in and pour it 
directly in the container. 

I did add a little vanilla to the final product, 
but it tastes pretty darn good without. 

And I feel a bit better knowing it doesn't have:
calcium carbonate
tapioca starch
potassium citrate
carrageenan (what?!)
sunflower lecithin
and other "natural" flavors
(what are those anyway?)

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  1. Nice work! Your friend uses larger bowls and only soaks the almonds for 4 hours but I'm glad you like it! I LOVE it and make two batches of DIY Almond Milk a week. :)


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