Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Pictures

I love reading the blogs set up on my Google reader each day.. and even better yet is clicking on the "recommended" blogs list to see if anything interesting comes up. Here are a few pictures that captured my interest. Perhaps in the future I'll do this regularly and actually give credit to the blogs where I found the pics. Right now I just finished working out and I'm feeling all "cut and paste" lazy.

Ok, this one got a proper mention since it's on the pic.
 I want to make these. Not a new recipe, but new presentation.
So tiny. So cute. Yum.

This really reminds me more of my dog than cat. 

I look at these cakes and I don't think yum. 
I think of how many times someone's fingers sat and rolled
 and pressed that into those shapes.
And how yucky I think fondant tastes. 

This is apparently is in a park in Paris. 
Appears to be a ball of grass,
 but it's actually flat. 
Love this kind of stuff!

Happy Saturday everyone! 

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