Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am definitely a Type A personality. I am not sure if due to that or because of it is why I like order and "normalness" so much. I like to know what's going to happen later today, later this week or even later this year. The sooner I can put it on my calendar, the better.

As the years have gone on I have become a little better at handling the curveballs that life throws. Maybe those close to me will laugh at that, but from my perspective I do. I don't like to blame that trait on "that's just how I am." But it really is. This doesn't mean I won't work on it or realize the need for change, but it will probably never go completely away. It will have to be accepted.

I just wish you could know SOME things in advance. Particularly things that involve money. The money that I work so hard for on my feet for pretty much 8 hours straight. Pulling often immobile and very overweight people from one table to another. My work is hard and the money is well deserved.

I just wish I could keep some in savings or spend it on something not exactly needed but very much wanted in my house.

Shower/Tub before - Gold - blech! 
You see, when I moved into the house in January 2009 I knew I wanted the carpet gone and laminate floors put down. I planned on getting a dog (enter Baylie!) and the carpet wasn't going to last much longer. For some reason I spent a good chunk of change on my backyard first - I guess because summer was approaching at the time. But those floors were the next problem.


... water damage is found to be creating havoc in my master bathroom. Curveball!

Current state of shower/bath :)
At the moment, my bathroom is half functional. The bathtub is ripped out, the walls were torn down and re-built and soon the fun stuff will go back in. I am so thankful to have a brand new bathroom without gold-trimmed shower doors, just sad for the 10 G's going down with it.

I'm rolling with the punches here and am now postponing floors to 2012.

The following are pictures of some of the stuff going in the new bathroom. To say I am excited is an understatement. By the way, who knew it was so tiring making decisions about bathroom tile and countertops.. or mirrors!??!

New quartz countertop

Tile and backsplash

My Z Gallerie mirrors which I LOOOVE!

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