Monday, May 16, 2011

bad mom.

There was a time I wrote about how raising a dog is much like raising a child. Ups and downs. Laughter and heartache.

Welp. I'm gonna be a bad mom.

My Baylie girl has no dog food left and by the time I got the girl at Petco on the phone tonight to find out when they closed, they had already been closed a whole 10 minutes.

Baylie only had half a dinner because that's all I had left. I had planned on picking up the food on the way home from my workout to give her the other half when I got home.

Then I get to chatting in the parking lot, lost track of time (and momentarily forgot I needed to get her food) and .... then the girl on the phone says "awww" in response to "but I've got a hungry dog!" Clearly no real sympathy for this bad parent.

I have a list of excuses: I wasn't in the area of Petco yesterday and I still had enough to get her breakfast, I'd go at lunch at work, but then the morning was really busy at work and I needed a Peet's, and then I forgot to go on the way home... and, and, and...

Her second half of dinner was reminiscent of the bland diet she was on for a couple of weeks after the "mom-in-training" rat poison incident: chicken breast and a small dog cookie. Breakfast will probably be more chicken and green beans.

In fact, now that I think of it, I think she is hoping I forget to get her food again tomorrow.

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  1. We have run into this on more than one occasion. Last time (a couple weeks ago) my kitties had to suffice on a can of tuna while I was at work. The pooch has, at times, switched food brands temporarily to the variety sold at the 24 hour grocery store rather than the kind sold at petco. They survive. lol


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