Monday, January 3, 2011


Or Two Thousand Eleven - I still don't even know which is "correct".

New year.. new me.

I think each year I've evolved into a new person - for good or bad. I have great expectations each year that it will be for good, of course. This coming year is no different.

So here is where I post some personal goals for the year. You can call them resolutions, but thinking in terms of goals helps me to realize that there is an end in sight. Without an end, I sometimes feel self-defeated before I have even begun. I do understand some of these are a life-long process and will never actually end, but indulge me, please.

Goal #1: Achieve some sort of physical feat that I have yet to conquer. I wasn't going to say anything most for fear of failing at it again, but I am currently working on attempt #3 for a 1/2 marathon. What makes this time around a bit different is I am ok with a run/walk through the whole thing. I am hoping this makes it a lot easier on my knee and I can finally do it. Today was training day #1 and a measly 2.5 mi run made my knee hurt - not a good sign. If not, I have the opportunity for a hike up Half Dome in June. The thought scares the heck outta me, but I have come to realize a fulfilled life involves risks.

Goal #2: Break my sugar addiction. I have no clue how to achieve this as I don't believe in completely eliminating anything from my diet, but we'll see. I mainly want to be more conscious of the fuel I put into my body. I know when I eat better I feel so much better in just daily life, but also have better workouts. I KNOW THIS. Yet, I do not do it. Anyone have any ideas? Is my only option to remove it completely for a short period of time? It can't be... it really can't be the only way...

Goal #3: Create more meaningful relationships by becoming the person I would want to be friends with! This is kind of a repeat from last year - but with more of a focus on my faith and a more broader range to include ALL relationships. Not only is it better to lead by example, but I feel that you attract the people that are similar to you (mostly anyway... ). With that said, I want to become more like the people who I love the most to hang out with and those that I seek advice from - both just generally, but more specifically, spiritually. This in turn will help attract more solid friendships and relationships that are meaningful. I have plenty of friends, but meaningful friendships are what I crave. I can go to anyone's house and have dinner, but is there good conversation, lots of laughter and just the general overall of feeling of "I would rather be here with these people than anywhere else" at that point in time?

So that's my boring first post of 2011. No pictures. Which can be another goal.. I need more pictures with each post. I know, I know. Be patient.

<3 Me

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  1. "I want to become more like the people who I love the most to hang out with and those that I seek advice from..."

    me too.


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