Monday, May 10, 2010

Brag Session

I just had to do a quick brag session and say I ate really well today.

I am on a mission and I really, really (I mean REALLY) hope I don't fail this time. The weight on the scale is sinking in and it's not pretty. I keep thinking of where I was even a year ago (10 pounds lighter) and then the year before that (another 5 pounds lighter than that) and it depresses me that I do this to my body.

Unfortunately for my body (and I think most females), eating is like 75% of the equation for weight loss. If I exercise like crazy (think P90X), but still eat the same, my weight and size doesn't budge.

The goal is 5-6 small meals a day, hopefully more vegetables (a super tough thing for me) and a good balance of protein and whole carbs in each meal.

I am also so very glad I started this today. Am I the only person who weighs 5 pounds more at the doctor's office? I have no clue why I had to be weighed for an allergy testing appointment, but they did it - I could have passed out from the number I saw because it's been about 9 years since I've seen a number like that.

Maybe that's what I needed. A good scare.

On a side note: the allergy testing was successful. I had two huge welts with a ton of redness in the trees department. Start allergy shots tomorrow. I am hoping by the end of the year my symptoms will be near gone and am hoping the fatigue I feel in the afternoons goes with it. I have a theory my fatigue is related to the sinus issues I get with the allergies - the doctor isn't convinced. What does he know?


  1. Gosh darn that doctors' office scale. I hates it. At least 5 lbs heavier, every time. :/

  2. hahaha. I kind of LOVE the fact that my doctor doesn't weigh me. It's so, um, like a small town Dr's office. He sits at a desk, I walk in, tell him why I am there. He does a few checks on me pertainting to my symptoms and that's it! Well, of course he diagnoses me if I need him to, but there is no weight or blood pressure taken....

    Speaking of weight, I should probably see how much I've packed on LOL. I will probably have the same amount as you to lose once this kid decides to make an appearance!


  3. The scale at my dr's office (Kaiser!) is DEFINITELY 5lbs heavy.


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