Monday, June 28, 2010

Carrot sticks with that margarita? Yes m'am!

Right around the birth of this blog, I talked all about balance and how important I felt it was to a happy life. Killing myself at the gym 6 days a week to continue eating hamburgers and ice cream on a regular basis wasn't cutting it at all.

That was January and now it's almost July and I think I see balance hiding around the corner. We've been playing hide-n-seek amongst extreme workout video routines and Icing on the Cupcakes' Red Velvet cupcake (which I would near-kill for one right now). Balance is a tricky thing because one minute you can be carefully sitting right in the middle and not be wobbling a bit. Then you take one tiny step to the right - "I'll take today off from working out" - then another one - "I've been good, I WILL have another brownie" - and before you know it, you're on the ground.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I give a little credit to Weight Watchers and a LOT of credit to my determination that has been hiding somewhere. Two weeks in and not only have I lost 3 pounds, but somehow in the midst of counting points I've suddenly become a fruit and veggie eater EVERYDAY.

Ok, ok, I admit. Adding in the fruits and veggies wasn't because I know I need to, but because they use so few points that I have more for my main meals. I was getting tired of wimpy looking dinners!

And speaking of dinners, here's what I had last night... so NOT wimpy:

Those are super the yummy chicken fajitas that I whipped up. The chicken was marinaded in a mixture of chili powder, garlic, cumin, lime juice and olive oil. The tortillas are from Whole Foods and are The pretty little grandma brand (ok, La Abuelita Bonita) and are super YUM for corn tortillas - had more of a flour tortilla texture. Top all that with salsa, avocado, sauteed peppers and onions and a little cabbage and you have a super healthy dinner - one that only an afternoon of carrot sticks allowed :)

And here's to more balance tomorrow - being the good girl I am, I've pretty much planned out the entire menu for the day. I've carefully selected a bunch of fruits and filling foods that are low points so I can have that margarita with the girls - wahoo!!


  1. I have to eat lots of veggies and fruit to fill my plate too. If I don't trick myself into eating a lot, I'll be looking for something a half hour later. Those look great!

  2. Super yummy! I love those tortillas too - we use them all the time. Bel Air actually carries them from time to time as does Nugget. :)


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