Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not eating out and not missing out

These weeks are really flying by.. And I honestly thought not eating out would be more of a struggle.

I imagine if I were feeding more than myself it might be a bit more difficult. This week I was so behind the game that I didn't really menu plan until mid-week and that wouldn't really fly if I had a family. I can subsist on PB&J and making something odd out of random leftovers... But there is only so much.

Because I got paid, I didn't have to pinch pennies at the grocery store. Between that and not having a clear shopping list or meal plan for the week, I spent a little bit more than I have been on groceries. My total grocery purchase for the week was $71.80 - almost a $120 savings from my weekly average in the past. Which brings my total savings for this month to.......


Now before you think I am becoming rich or something, please remember I still have some Hawaiian excursions on my credit card that this will be going towards :) 

On to week 4!

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