Saturday, November 27, 2010

Almost to the finish line... but every end is a new beginning!

This month has flown by and like I said before, it hasn't been all that difficult. Probably the hardest part of not eating in is the fact that sometimes in a group of people who might all go out to grab a bite to eat, I am the one suggesting we make dinner at home. Or, I am just not participating in group activities that involve eating out. The former isn't much of an issue because I am helping other's save money and enjoy what is often better tasting food, but the latter could kill my social life :)

Last night I looked back at May-October's dining out and grocery spending and averaged a month's worth of spending. Earlier in the month I calculated savings based on a weekly spending average, but since I am almost done I could resort to the full month's worth. We're talking almost $900 in food a month. In fact, in the month's of August-October I spent MORE than $900 a month in food.

Including my grocery store trip bright and early this morning (the crowd is certainly a bit different at 9am at Winco), in the month of November I will have spent a total of $285 on food and only $18 of that was bought "out" but for other people.

Do you understand what that means people??? $600 back in my pocket instead of in my stomach or contributing to some restaurant chain's bottom line.


Craziness. That's $7200/year. I know it's not realistic to never eat out again, but I could easily save $5000 a year (uhh, new floors in my house... can ya hear me?!) by being more picky about when and where I eat out. Fo sho. 

And now for a little shout out time: 
  • Thank you to all those who listened to me talk about this all the time. My hopes was to inspire you to do the same. Dinner party anyone?
  • Thank you to those who bought me food the few times I did eat out - in fact, there were only two: 
    • Craig: Thank you so much! I know money is tight for you but I also know you wanted to see me succeed at this and I appreciate you helping with my sushi and pho cravings :)
    • Michelle: Eggnog latte? Yes m'am! You warmed my belly on a very cold, but fun morning!
  • Much appreciation to the Winco lady who helped me split my bill the other day when I was both buying groceries for myself and my adoptive family for the holidays. You didn't look thrilled, but you did it anyway.
  • And finally, thanks to me and this little challenge, and H&M, I got some new clothes that I otherwise could not afford. Does this jacket not scream cute??

Three more days people! However, most likely (and hopefully) a lifetime change!

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