Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Quickie

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing well on my personal goal of the week. Ok, stop it. Yes, I know it's only Tuesday. But you know what? You know you are doing something right when it's a little difficult to gently sit down on a toilet seat... you go for it and next thing you know your legs collapse and well, helloooooooooo toilet seat! That's where I am, all thanks to Jillian and her "30 Day Torture Shred."

Just to give myself a break from front lunges, side lunges and every other lunge available, I did Kathy Smith's Pilates for Abs tonight. Yup, tomorrow I hope I don't come down with a cough as that will be the death of me.

However, two things to look forward to tomorrow:
  1. I get my hairs cut! Nothing is more soothing to me than someone cutting my hair. Not sure why, but I've always loved it. Especially when it starts out with a little scalp massage before hand.
  2. I got my Breville Juicer today via UPS! I don't have much in the way of fruits and vegetables in the house to juice, but I'm gonna give it a try with what I do have. Let's see, spinach-banana-apple-lime juice? Jack Lalanne, eat your heart out. 
The rest of the challenge has been great the past couple of days too.. I haven't been picking the BEST food choices in the foods I am allowed, but I am sure I am eating less bad stuff because I have to eat more good (ie. the fruits and vegetable requirements). All that is left for tonight is 15 minutes of reading in a spiritual book/text ..... so here I go!

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