Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The best part of waking up....

... no, no, no! It's not what you're thinking. The best part is breakfast! :)

This morning I made a heavenly concoction for breakfast and I feel I must share it. It's nothing fancy or even very creative, but it made my taste buds sing. Here ya go!

Banana's Foster Oatmeal
(2 servings)

Bring 2 cups plain soy milk (or regular milk if you prefer)
to a gentle boil.

Add in 1 cup of whole oats (not the pansy quick cook kind - the less processed, the better!). I bought a gluten-free variety, but any whole grain oat will do.

Lower the heat and continue cooking 10-15 minutes until the oats are tender (taste test time!).
Make sure to stir every once in awhile!

Once the oatmeal was done, I divided it into two portions and put them in the refrigerator for breakfast the next morning.

In the morning it went a little something like this:

Pour a little more soy milk in since it tends to dry out a bit.


Throw a little brown sugar on top (looking for a better alternative since even brown sugar is so refined - ideas anyone?)

Cover that container back up, grab a banana and
run like mad to get to work on time. 

Once at work, throw the container in the microwave
to heat it all back up. Give it a stir...


... and then the best part. Slice bananas to go on top and eat away! 

It makes me want to have breakfast for dinner!

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  1. That looks good! Have you tried agave? It's a syrup--and it's a good natural sweetener. You can get it at the Nug. :)


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