Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, silly chonies...

This blog reminded me of a word I love, but haven't really used in a long time: chonies. The first time I heard it was when my little sisters started going to daycare and their daycare person spoke Spanish. So my only guess is it's a Spanish word, or at least Spanish slang. Anyway, it's a cute word. I have a friend who gets the chills when she hears "panties" and the word "underwear" is so vague, and well, ugly sounding. Chonies is adorable.

Well, I figured out what happened to yesterday.

I put my chonies on inside-out.

That's really the only explanation for the irritable mood, right? It was an ah-ha! moment this morning. I'm waiting for my lovely honey wheat pancakes to brown on one side so I can flip them... and, umm... my chonies are a-creepin'. So I do what I think any normal person would do when they are home alone, or even home with people they are super comfortable with - I reach inside my PJ bottoms to adjust (please tell me I am not alone here). Well, I notice my tag from these particular pair of chonies is sticking out. I went to tuck it back in. WAIT. A. SECOND. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... it was like the whole universe was explained. Inside-out chonies. 

Before I changed to go for my run with Baylie I did fix them and it was like the world was right again. Baylie showed some progress in her "side" command (which means when they are sitting in front of you, facing you, they walk around you and sit on your side in the "heel" position), my spirit was lifted a bit from the prospect of a brand new day and the run was decent (ie. those last few minutes hurt!).

I mean, I can't expect all to be perfect in the matter of an hour....

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