Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm not the only one!

Many of you know I got a pup on Christmas. I call her pup, but she will actually be 2 next month (doggie birthday party anyone? Oh wait, just another excuse to eat.. what the heck!?!). Anyway, she is a tad overweight. I'm a tad overweight. We fit together beautifully :)

Big difference between her weight issues and mine though. I love food. She just took what she could get and left what she couldn't. Wow, I think I just confused myself!

I guess you could say I am always looking for food and all she was ever looking for was love. I can help her with the love part, but I am trying to figure out how she can help me with the food part? Maybe I can train her to viciously attack me when I touch the bag of semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate chips to make my famous cookies? Or at least give me an evil glare? What am I thinking? She's a Golden Retriever! She'll happily go along with anything I want to do.

So, I suppose this will not only be a quest for me to get healthy, but for Baylie too. Maybe deep down the food thing is connected to not seeing the love around me? Maybe, just maybe, Baylie was meant to be :)

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  1. Our lab/retriever mix has a bad hip, so he's almost as wide as he is long. He's a total fatty. What a beautiful dog! She's so cute. :)


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