Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gloomy Day Project #1

It's really hard with these gray, gloomy days to have hope that we are going to come out of it and Spring will actually come. I have a few indoor projects that I was waiting to do during Winter, but apparently I am one of those people only motivated during sunny weather.

One of those projects is my hall bathroom. Everything about it is wrong. Very pale blue-gray tile, gold accents and pale green walls. The shower curtain left behind from the old owners tells me where they pulled those colors from - I'm just surprised they didn't go for lavender walls!

With the impending Wellness Challenge ahead of me and the fact that one goal per week I have to name myself, I figured this will be the best time to start on this project and let my creative side flow. Below are a couple of pictures of my bathroom in its current state (ewww!).

It's hard to see the colors, but I hope you get the idea.

I've gone back and forth on the color to paint the walls and I think I've settled on a brown-gray. I know, boring, but there just isn't much else except for white and I'm not a fan of white walls.

Below is a picture with the color of wall I am thinking about. It is a little dark, but this bathroom is just my hall bathroom and I'll be putting plenty of lighter colors everywhere else that I think it will be a good balance - white cabinets, white framed mirrow, light shower curtain and who knows what for art (that's another post and another creative project until the sun comes out!).

I might even be able to do taller base boards in the bathroom since it's so small and wouldn't require more than one board - but I'm not an interior designer, so I am not sure how weird that would look.

Another aspect of the bathroom I want to change is the mirror. I currently have one of those typical flat wall mirrors held up by brackets (and an ugly gold track at the bottom). I am on the hunt for a large mirror with a cool frame. The frame can be any color as I'll just paint it white (or possibly leave it silver if that's what I find), but I am thinking something along the lines of this:

Or maybe more antique looking? As you can see, I just don't know... but I need to get on this.

Help people? Either make the sun come out or give me suggestions and/or ideas and feedback on my ideas. Your choice!

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  1. OK- here ya go! Love the color in the photo. It is similar to our accent wall in the bedroom (i think ours is a teeny bit darker & more brown. called "stone"). I think taller base is a good idea. Where did you find the inspiration photo? I like the art.

    Good luck!! Kelley


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