Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Functional Septorhinoplasty - Days 2 & 3

At this point during recovery, the days were a blur. I went home from the overnight at my sisters house on Day 2 and pretty much just napped or took meds, or ate snacks, or napped. And napped some more. The longest I could sleep was a couple of hours, but even then I am not sure how well I actually slept. The swelling and bruising was getting worse, but the meds pretty much kept me pain free. However, there was still discomfort - if that makes any sense.

I also iced the heck out of it with little bags of frozen peas that I had to get up every 30 minutes to refresh. It was on these days that I thought I should have invested in hiring someone to bring me the new bag of peas at regular interval. Just when I would get comfortable, I would realize I pretty much had a cooked bag of peas on my face.


These pictures aren't pretty - you have been warned. You might even be wondering why I am posting these? Well, in my research beforehand I found a couple of blogs that had pictures, but they didn't continue with pictures for the long term and I hope to do that so the next person going into this surgery has some reference. Of course, everyone will heal differently, but hopefully this will help someone else out. I am sure it will bring me some hot dates too ;)

This isn't even the worst of it! Stay tuned for the next post if you want to see the "Fat App" for the iPhone put into reality!

Day 2 - evening

Day 3 - morning
Still am not sure why the right eye had more bruising. But again, I thought I was home-free as far as the worst of it. Boy was I wrong...

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