Sunday, July 3, 2011

We're all being jipped

Friday night I had the most memorable eating experience of my life. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know my love of good food runs deep. Friday night that love poured out as freely as the wine and laughter.
The set-up when we arrived
If you haven't heard of The Kitchen, then you must go read the reviews on Yelp. Then save up your pennies (ok, dollars) and make your reservation NOW. This is an experience that every person must have at least once in their lifetime. 

But why title this post "we're all being jipped"? Because it occurred to me last night that in our quest to save money in all areas of our life, we have sacrificed so many healthy options that are actually so much better tasting. As I was looking over the "playbill" for the evening that included what each of the 5 courses would entail, I noticed the lack or very rare use of sugar, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. on the menu. We weren't there to be stuffed with cheap fillers such as those. Even the blueberry "pot pie" dessert had very little sugar, but tasted perfect - probably because we were eating in season. We were there to experience real food how it was meant to be eaten. 

Prepping the first course
Who would have thought that fine dining would follow so closely to the Paleo way of eating? 

Chef Noah even touched on how each of the meats we were eating that evening we're raised naturally - eating what they were designed to eat, roaming the lands or waters they were meant to roam and living very happy lives up until they became my meal. And because of that, they were healthier for us - full of monounsaturated fats, which according to the Mayo Clinic help improve cholesterol levels and control insulin and blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, the high levels of monounsaturated fats aren't present in meats that aren't raised naturally. 

With Chef Noah
I will note that I could have done without Noah telling us the pig we were eating that evening was named Petey. 

Other than the name-dropping, it was a fabulous evening and I left quite full and very buzzed from the fantastic wine pairings. I still am drooling over the sashimi that was seriously the most fresh and tasty I have ever had and the beef tenderloin with bĂ©arnaise sauce was over-whelming... in a good way. 

I'll even admit to getting very emotional over this experience and I think at one point, in my very buzzed stupor, I may or may not have told Noah that I wanted to cry I was so happy. 

2nd Course
It was also refreshing to be somewhere that made you feel like you were at home - and you were encouraged to act that way. We could roam the kitchen, talk to the chefs, ask to have another plate of any course (which is impossible since I was so full anyway!) or make any other requests - they would try to meet whatever we wanted and they did. 

My favorite course - beef rib eye with dungeness crab bearnaise
I am still in awe of the evening and am already planning on going back soon. In the meantime, I will definitely be focusing on purchasing natural meats and reminding myself that not eating grains or sugar on a regular basis is all about eating better and with more flavor and not cheapening my diet by filling it up with stuff it doesn't need. 

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