Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paleo Nam Tok Beef Salad and Grilled 'Chokes

I love food. I love GOOD food. And you know what? Eating Paleo hasn't left me with a shortage of good food. In fact, I've been eating FABULOUSLY. Yes, it has been a bit more time-consuming in the kitchen, but rarely have I made something in the past few weeks that has left me wanting more.

Tonight was no exception.

When planning my week, I look through my Everyday Paleo book or do a simple Google search for Paleo recipes. There are so many awesome sites with all sorts of ideas and many dishes are already Paleo or can easily be converted by leaving out or substituting one ingredient.

In my searching, I found a recipe for Nam Tok Beef Salad, which I guess is something they serve at Thai restaurants. A co-worker had let me try something similar that she had made, so I knew I had to make it myself at one point. I followed this recipe from Fast Paleo and loved it!

Also, another thing I loooooove to do is planning my meals around what is in season. I already knew I what I was cooking for dinner, but today at work I perused the farmer's market and found a fairly good deal on artichokes. Side dish!

So there I go searching again and find a recipe for grilled artichokes over on a blog with a name I love: Sleep. Love. Eat. I would say those are 3 of my most favorite things!

Have I convinced you to at least give this a try for 30 days yet? The recipes are endless and my cravings have diminished. Even though I knew I felt better since eating this way, it wasn't until after the latest camping trip where I allowed the rules to slide that I realized just HOW great it made me feel - let's just say my body is still a bit out of wack from the bread and sugar I allowed it to consume.

Give it a shot. Drop me a line if you want more recipe ideas (I don't post them all) or if you need help fighting those sugar cravings. I would love to help!

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