Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lies the Scale Told Me

I know, I know, I KNOW I should not completely trust the scale. And I don't.

But it's hard not to rely on it just a teeny tiny bit since that's the only contraption I really have to use daily (ok, every other day or maybe only once a week), then I use it. Not as a be-all, end-all (is that how you write that?), but just as a vague gauge of my performance.

There is even some ranting over on Everyday Paleo (see Part 1 and the pretty amazing Part 2) about how we shouldn't even weigh ourselves at all. He might even have some excellent points. Buuuuuttt....

All I can say is, pick your battles dude.

I will continue to weight myself, but I have come to the conclusion that my goal weight could possibly end up being too low. Yes, I was at that weight once, but I was not working out like I am now. My goal wasn't to build muscle at that time, but just to be skinny. Now I want muscle... muscle that will help me keep my metabolism up for years to come. I am done with looking at a cupcake and getting fat.

Where am I going with this?

I perused over to the health education department down the hall from radiology today to hop on the electrical impedance machine. As far as body fat testing, it's not the most reliable, but I am looking for a basis to judge improvement. I could care less what my actual body fat is - I just want to see which way it moves and how far. I have print-outs from these machines all the way to 2001. If you could only see the roller coaster of numbers on those sheets of paper.

But, again, not the point. Here is a comparison of my two most recent:

May 12, 2011

June 23, 2011
Do you see what happened in that time? In 6 weeks I lost 4% body fat and gained TWO pounds of muscle. And the scale only tells me 7 pounds of weight was lost in that time... but I lost NINE pounds of fat. Good riddance!

Lies, I tell ya. Lies.

Honestly, neither weight nor fat % are really going to dictate when I am at my "right" place. You know what will? Being able to put on clothes and feel awesome in them. Being able to walk around in a bikini in confidence. And if the scale says 135 (my kinda goal weight) or 140, or my body fat is 22% or 20% - who knows. And who cares.

The anticipation is killing me though!

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