Thursday, March 10, 2011

3 days and counting.

And believe me, I am.

Way back in January (which seems like yesterday...) I vowed to a physical feat of endurance for this year. It was either going to be a 1/2 marathon or hiking Half Dome.

Welp, it might be both folks. The knees have held up (and by held up I mean I can still get from point A to point B on them) and I will be running/jogging/walking my first 1/2 marathon this Sunday.

I am not physically nervous yet, but I still have doubt in the back of my mind. I have a learned a lot about my body in the past 10 weeks, especially what is working for my knees and what isn't. For one, hills are my friend. For the average runner I know that isn't the case, but I live in Rocklin and my "short run" (4 miles) is mostly uphill - I am not sure how that works since I am running a loop, but it is. So in the time I've lived here and picked up running again, hills have become easier and my knees love them.

For example, 8 miles on the mostly flat bike trail = knees screaming bloody murder.

Two 4-mile loops in my neighborhood a couple weekends ago = knees only mildly whimpering.

The doubt that is creeping into my mind is because I know this 13.1 mile course is mostly flat.

My strategy? Slow and steady "wins" the race. I will be walking through every drink station, including STOPPING to stretch my quads and hammies. Most likely towards the end my knees will be super unhappy with me and I'll stop whenever they are hurting to stretch some more.

Time won't be an issue, but I am hoping to get done before the 2:40 mark.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, what will she do AFTER the 1/2 marathon???

It's going to be a sort of "starting over" sort of thing...

I get these catalogs almost every week: Title Nine and Athleta. The ladies in them are driving me insane. I'm not the type to really get all jealous of the celebrity bodies on People or other mainstream magazine covers, but give me a fitness mag and I get all gung-ho... for like a day.

Time to get gung-ho for like.... forever.

My inspiration:

I know I will never look just like that, but I'd love to wear a pair of those shorts and not have them ride up when I run. Perhaps one day.

To start myself off on the right foot, I will be heading up to South Lake Tahoe the day after the race for some me and God time. Well, me, God and Baylie time - the pup is going with me. During that time I hope to block out all Internet time, do lots of reading, praying and hopefully taking in the beautiful scenery around me if it doesn't rain the whole time. Oh, and treating myself to a deep tissue massage and facial... my reward (bribe?) for finishing.

I'll also be doing the Shakeology cleanse that I've done once before. I only did it two days before, but I definitely felt "lighter" and more renewed.

Physical renewal. Spiritual renewal. All which I hope leads to some emotional renewal.

Wish me luck, send your prayers... I have a long journey ahead of me.... it's called the rest of my life! :)

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