Monday, February 15, 2010

Mondays = Starting Over

Last week was a success in many ways and also a detriment to the rest of the weeks of this challenge. Not only did we have our normal "free" points to use whenever we want during the week, but we got yesterday, Valentine's Day, off as well. It was just way too much freedom for this gal because now all of a sudden it's Monday (and actually MY Saturday) and I was all confused and royally screwed up this day challenge-wise.

First, I was busy from the moment I woke up until right now. I had my niece and a new friend over yesterday and we made sugar cookies, ate dinner and just had a low-key night. Fast forward to this morning and those sugar cookies are still sitting there. We had breakfast, took the pup for a long walk, edged and mowed the back lawn, washed the dog, washed the car - and then I come inside and eat a cookie without even thinking. *gasp*

Clean Pup

I just used my free day for "sweets" and it's only Monday.


As for what else I ate - not much. Toast, cookies, salad wedge and 3 pieces of a mini pepperoni pizza. What is missing? Oh, about 2 servings of fruit and one vegetable. And, again, it's only Monday.

All the other points are accounted for, thank goodness.

Thank God for opportunities to start anew. In fact, that is something He seems to specialize in!

The fun part of the day was taking my niece, Emma, to Disney on Ice with my friend Janice and her daughter Ella. Not only do I absolutely adore Janice, but her daughter and Emma get along awesomely. They were both decked out in their princess dresses and so excited for the show. One thing I learned about myself at this show was I have yet another really weird time that I get all teary-eyed (the first one is while watching dog agility competitions.. don't ask, I have no idea)... and that is, watching my niece being super excited about something as silly as Mickey and Minnie Mouse skating on ice. I guess that's not super weird, but it sure feels like it when you are wiping your eyes while listening to "Under the Sea."

The girls watching Disney on Ice

Other than messing up the challenge, I'll say it was a good day and remember that tomorrow is just waiting for me to make it even better!

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