Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ode to Sandwiches

Yes, I said sandwiches. Like, the kind that have a bread-y exterior and NOT lettuce.

One of my new favorite blogs is Against All Grain. As you can tell by the title, this is a blog after my own heart. She understands the evils of wheat and the lack of nutrition/abundance of sugar in just about any other grain out there.

I came across her Grain-Free Sandwich Bread recipe and knew I had to give it a try. So many other "breads" left me disappointed, but the picture looks amazing... she seems to rave over it. Why not try one more? I bought the cashew butter (holy pocketbook!) awhile ago, but we've been experiencing 100+ degree temps and so I've held off. UNTIL yesterday.

Now, now. I am not a big fan of Paleo-fying everything in your old eating lifestyle just to fill an emotional connection/need for food in your new lifestyle. This is a treat. Thank goodness that cashew butter was pricey.

Verdict? It smelled like bread while cooking. It ROSE and actually looks like bread. The texture is denser and more moist then bread, but the taste is mild like bread (and unlike when you use almond flour/almond butter). The only downside is the cost, really. Well, that and it took 3 separate bowls to make. Small price to pay for a treat here and there.

My variations? I didn't want to use honey and had those snack-sized unsweetened applesauces, so I threw 2 tbsp of that in. I also didn't want to open up an almond milk and used the equivalent of raw milk I had.

Go make it! :)
My attempt at something I've been
craving - grilled cheese! Not the kind
of cheese that melts well, but still YUM!

Breakfast sammy! Pastured eggs and
U.S. Wellness Meat sugar-free
 uncured bacon

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