Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recipe Wrap-Up 6/11/12

Hi y'all! It's been awhile since I've visited the blog-o-sphere. I almost forgot I had one! As I was typing away this lengthy "status update" for my page on Facebook, I realized.. "Hey! This is kinda long... I should make this a blog post!" So here I am - and do me a favor, if you're reading this, leave a comment on this post. It might just motivate me to get back on here on a regular basis. (And hey, while you're at it, go "like" my page so you don't miss anymore of these recipes I'm trying!)

So, over the past week I've been posting some recipes on my page that I planned on making this weekend. Nothing I thought up, as everyone else has done the brain-work for me. Considering I scour the Internet for these recipes and everyone always ask where I get them, then I might as pay-forward the awesome culinary love.

Last night I made dinner for a friend and you would think I'd pull out tried-and-true recipes from my arsenal to impress, but I seem to have this issue with wanting to experiment on people. Thankfully I've had very few flops and last night there was not a single one! Here's my run-down:

Grilled Green Chicken
Photo: Nom Nom Paleo
This was nothing short of AMAZING! I didn't have the Aleppo Pepper so I used the sub of 1 part cayenne to 4 parts paprika. Just a hint of spicyness (for me, anyway) and SO FLIPPING GOOD! Don't you dare buy boneless/skinless chicken for this either! The skin and bones help keep the chicken super moist, and remember, we aren't worried about FAT when it's not processed. Keep the skin on, or at least invite me over and I'll eat all of  it for you. Heck, invite me anyway. Oh, and check out Nom Nom Paleo's site for so many more good recipes.

Celery Root and Sweet Potato Cakes
Photo: Better Homes & Gardens
The chicken was phenomenal, but this blew me away! I didn't have any celery root, and I had some lonely parsnips that had been hiding in my veggie drawer for awhile, so I used those.used those. Also, ALWAYS fry in coconut oil - use the expeller pressed from Tropical Traditions so you don't have the coconut flavor (unless you want it - then use Extra Virgin). Coconut oil can withstand high heat without breaking down - for more info on which oils are best to use, take a peek at the info on Balanced Bites' page. Oh, and I didn't have cumin seeds so I just used powder.

Strawberry Shortcake
Not as purdy as their pic - but I have
a glass of dessert wine with mine ;)
The Food Lover's have done it again. They created a recipe that is SO super yum! The muffins turned out super moist, but definitely make it into 8 small muffins.. my 4 large were just way too much! The whipped cream/strawberry mixture solely relies on the strawberries for sweetening, so if you feel you need a bit more, add a little maple syrup or honey to your whipped cream.

I hope you try one or all of these recipes. The person I cooked for had never heard of Paleo before and was quite worried they wouldn't like my food. Yet again, another person blown away by what you can eat and still be HEALTHY, lose weight and feel better? I may just have another convert!


  1. Ohh that sweet potato cake and sweet treat look sooo good.

    1. The sweet potato cakes were AMAZING. I was really surprised that with such an amazing meal, THOSE are what stood out the most!


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