Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So long Twenty-Eleven...

It's that time of year - we reflect on where we've come from and have big aspirations for where we want to go. At least I do. Not quite exactly a year ago I sat down and wrote about my goals for 2011. They weren't the typical very broad goals that usually happen - "losing weight" wasn't technically in the bunch anywhere. Nor was really giving up anything.

What I realized is our usual resolutions often consist of one of those end goals, but perhaps we need to back up and focus more on the tasks that will get us to that goal and POSSIBLY achieve other goals as well. If we're going to make a change in our lives, we might as well have it better us in more ways than one, right?

Have I lost you?

Take for example: losing weight. How many people do you personally know who have that goal for next year? I'm in the business of helping people achieve that goal, so I can probably bet on half my Facebook friends to be in that boat.

But step back - what's causing you to be overweight? It doesn't just happen. Of course we are either eating too much or not exercising enough, or both. But wait, don't stop at "eat less" or "eat more vegetables and less sweets." Why are you eating too much? Why are you making the wrong food choices? Perhaps you're depressed. Maybe the state of your relationship is causing you to seek comfort in food. Or you just don't know about nutrition or what to do in the exercise department? Maybe you have an addiction (sugar, anyone?). Waaa-la! Now we're getting to what our real goals should be.

If you can do that with any one of your resolutions that you've been knocking around in your head for the past couple of weeks, then you need to pick better ones.

For me, one of my 2011 goals was to break my sugar addiction. It was causing me to over-eat. This goal is still a work in progress and I came oh-so-close during the middle of this year, but I am working on it again. Once I get to that point again not only will I not over-eat, but I'll feel better, I'll lose weight and also be happier as a result of all of those.

And there ya go, one resolution with so many awesome end results.

My challenge for you is to break apart your goals and see if you can kind of work backwards and see if there is a better way to achieve them.

As for my other goals for 2011? One of them was to attempt a physical feat that I had never done before. I mentioned both a 1/2 marathon and the climbing of Half Dome as possibilities for my future. If you're a regular reader, you know I did them both (insert a big pat on the back here).

I also wanted to create some more meaningful relationships - I think this one is still a work in progress as well (a la the sugar addiction). Neither of those two are very measurable, but I will say I can say no to a cookie a little easier and I have made some new friendships that I am proud of - so that's a start.

Now on to think of what I want 2012 to look like.. stay tuned.

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