Thursday, May 6, 2010

Musings on yogurt and other edibles

This is why it is so hard for me eat good... darn it, WELL.

Yogurt just doesn't cut it. I'm beginning to believe Jillian Michaels - the last book of hers that I devoured was "Making the Cut" and it labeled me as a "fast oxidizer" which means my body just tears through a cup of yogurt like it was nothing. I even had found a brand I love that isn't full of those dreadful fake sugars - Tillamook scores again (first time was with their sharp cheddar - yum!).

However, 180 calories was totally wasted. 1 hour later and my body thinks I am on a hunger strike.

How depressing.

So here it is 11:47am and I am starving after having a bowl of Kashi cereal for breakfast (my new favorite kind is Kashi Go Lean Crisp - Toasted Berry Crumble) at 8am and then yogurt at 10:30am. Good thing I brought lunch or I might just indulge in something horrible for me.

~Fast forward to 2:18pm~

I still managed to blow lunch. My peanut butter craving lately did me in. I mean, how many of you eat spoonfuls of peanut butter because you are too lazy to portion it out in the morning into a small plastic container, so you bring the whole flippin' jar!? And there it is: leftover BBQ chicken, whole wheat pasta and peanut butter. Oh, and an apple someone gave me to smear more peanut butter on. Eeek, and 1/3rd of a red velvet cupcake that yet another person shared.

That's it. I'm crawling into a hole with just fruits and veggies and I'll see you in 3 months when I am 15 pounds lighter. *sigh*

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  1. Tonja, the problem with having JUST the yougurt is that there is not much protein in it to help you SLOWLY digest it. Try having a yogurt with a banana OR maybe some granola or grape nuts. Not only that, but if you think about food constantly, then you will be constantly hungry while thinking about what you can eat next and when. Mind over Matter! ou can do it! Lori


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