Wednesday, February 24, 2010

They don't call it a "challenge" for nothing.

Life is getting in the way of the Wellness Challenge - who woulda thunk?

Last week was week #3 and it wasn't pretty. All I will say is I did manage to stay in the 60's point-wise (out of 70), but that's not good enough for Miss Competitive here. I've got to step it up a notch! I never planned on winning, but I did plan on a lifestyle change.

My initial struggle was in the praise/appreciation/love department (not that I have a lack of it for people, but it's that whole "specific act" I get hung up on), now I am having issues with two fruits and two vegetables a day. It just seems like soooo much! I do know if I ate more of them, then it would mean less crap... BUT, I have been eating way less than I usually do lately anyway. Do I just juice a ton at the beginning of the week and drink it throughout? I'm not sure how else to make it happen without making myself sick of salads, apples and sandwiches piled high with all the fixin's. There has got to be a better way.

Frustration is an understatement.

So here I am, on a Wednesday of week #4 and it hasn't started out much better -  but I have 4 more days to redeem myself. I've already shot the "sweets" category, as well as exercise... and I am sure a couple of others. Must. Have. Four. Perfect. Days.

Now, excuse me while I go take care of the reading and love/appreciation/praise portions. I may not be acing this challenge, but this girl has a smile from ear to ear!

And that's what life is all about.

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  1. Girl, I hear ya! I am struggling with getting every single one done! BUT I gots to do it and I gots to doit soon. I am eating super good, but cant seem to get back in the working out every single day. UGH! You can do it, girl! GET IT!!!


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