Friday, February 26, 2010

Spreading the Love

Yes, it's Friday. However it's not MY Friday. It's also cloudy/gloomy outside. And I'm at work. *sigh*

So to brighten my day I am perusing all things buyable on the Internet. The good thing is, I know quite a few creative people who sell their wonderful items online... and, well, today I am going to share those with you.

One of my best friends makes these beautiful little creations between juggling two little ones (and one on the way!). I have purchased a few for me and for gifts and everyone has loved them. See a style you like but want it in a different fabric? Just ask her, most likely she can do it! You can also go to her Facebook page here.

I went to highschool with Melina - she is now currently living in South Lake Tahoe with her husband and two little ones. Both her and her husband have amazing photography. I mean, how can you live in Tahoe and not photograph your amazing surroundings? Some of their photos make my draw drop - the colors are amazing and the lighting is beyond words. Apparently I think it's all amazing. You can visit her husband's site here.

I don't personally know Tracy, but I have a feeling I know someone who knows her *smile* I found her through mutual friends on Facebook (you can go to her Facebook page here) and have been loving her blog ever since. She doesn't "make" anything you can purchase from her, but she does combine well-priced clothing items to make fabulous outfits and tells you were you can purchase everything. I absolutely love her style - and so does my bank account!

Sally is a friend/cousin (I think) to Kelley of Adorn. Although I've only met her a few times, I love the graphic design work she does. Check out her custom calendars and shop away on her Etsy site!

All these talented ladies make me feel like I need to get my creative on.... and once I do, you know you all will be reading about it!

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  1. Wow!! Thanks so much for the shout out...totally made my day! I still owe you an outfit!!!


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